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Our Food Truck Permits Team Secures Permits For Land O’Lakes Food Truck Tour

Posted: May 2, 2013


This spring, our food truck permits team is assisting Land O’Lakes in the company’s Melt Machine Tour. The promotional event, which will come to a close May 10, is taking place throughout northern New Jersey and New York, and is in promotion of Land O’Lakes cheese and butter.


The Melt Machine Tour is making stops at ShopRites, Walmarts, Foodtowns, and other grocery stores in the New Jersey and New York areas, offering fresh grilled cheese sandwiches to shoppers.


This has so far been a very successful event, drawing a lot of attention from hungry shoppers, who have been enthusiastic about the quality of the Land O’Lakes sandwiches.


Our food truck permits team has assisted with this tour by securing the Temporary Food Establishment permit, which is needed in order for event managers to prepare and serve food legally. 


For more information about other special event permitting, see our sister site


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